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We provide UK 01 or 02 prefixed numbers and European, North American and Asian numbers. We can direct the incoming calls to these numbers to your PABX, a single handset, or another phone number for forwarding, c/w statistics of the source of the incoming call, time of day, call duration etc.

An alternative way of managing your inbound strategy is to establish non-geographic numbers. There are predominantly two types of UK NGNs.

Freephone NGNs: These numbers are prefixed with 080. Research shows 65% of people consider a freephone number to be an incentive to call, and responses to advertisement have been known to increase by up to 300% when a freephone number is used. Numbers prefixed with 03 are also, sort of freephone NGNs if dialled from a mobile phone. As calls to 03 numbers must also count towards any inclusive minutes in a mobile phone contract in the same way as calls to 01 and 02 prefixed numbers do. If you are the owner of an 080 or 03 number, you will be charged every time the number is called and subsequently answered.

Revenue Generating NGNs: These are prefixed with 0844, 0871 or 09 and are also referred to as premium rate numbers. Revenue generating means the owner of these numbers receives an income every time their number is dialled and subsequently answered.

International Freephone NGNs: With the incoming call routing being able to be pointed to any number, you can have a Spanish freephone number that when called, rings a handset located in Appuldurcombe.

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